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Web Design Colorado Springs

If you do a quick Google search for a Colorado Springs website design firm you'll get a lot a results. Some of these are large agencies that employ over a dozen designers. Others are one-man shops that focus on service. Each one has its own niche and speciality.

The Webstore Solutions Web Design Difference:

Whenever we build a website for a client, we design with SEO as our top priority. Others will tell you that the design and look should be number one... we respectfully disagree. Yes, these factors are very important and we make them a high priority but we feel that a great design on your website means nothing if you can't be found on the search engines.

We design our websites with your customer in mind. We research the likely keywords they'll use and include them in all aspects of our design. Our websites are design for functionality as well -- afterall, we want visitors to your website to stay as long as possible and find all that they need -- from your address and phone number to the best way to purchase your products and services. Once we get a visitor to your site we want to turn him into a customer.

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