Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating, editing, and fine tuning elements of a web page with the hope of ranking higher in the results page whenever your target customer does a search on Google, Yahoo, or another search engine. When done correctly, many business Denver SEOowners see their pages shoot to the top of the search engines. When done incorrectly (which is, unfortunately, most of the time), web pages are doomed to the results on the fourth, fifth, and sixth pages and beyond. We say "doomed" because over 99% of searchers never go that far. If you're at or near the top of the results searchers assume you've got credibility.

At Webstore Solutions we strive for our customers to have high organic search results. "Organic results" are listed on the left side of the search engine results page (SERPs). Although these results are not pay-per-click, they should not be considered "free". It takes a lot of hard work, time, effort, dedication, and study to not only get your page ranked here but to keep it here.

We've been working on our SEO techniques since 2002 and we've got a pretty good handle on it. Unfortunately, the algorithms are always changing -- so what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. That's why it is important to use an Internet marketing firm like Webstore Solutions to stay current with the changes. We spend several hours every week collaborating with peers across the country to learn what techniques are still working and which ones are changing. We stay ahead of the curve because we want to provide our clients with the best possible bang for their Internet buck.

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